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modernise your IT with trapeze emergency management softwareYour organisation is divided by technological islands that do not communicate with each other, leaving you with information silos that prevent your organisation from achieving its maximum potential. You want to refresh your IT infrastructure without creating further silos or breaking existing systems.

Using technology that is built on industry-standard solutions with open, documented APIs will allow you to integrate your new software with existing solutions and networking provisions. This lets you modernise in orderly, planned stages with minimal risk or inconvenience for users.

Choosing open technology will also let you integrate your software with fleet peripherals such as vehicle monitoring equipment to extend utilisation and provide redundant network connectivity to equipment such as rugged tablets or laptops as back-ups.

Modernise your IT infrastructure with minimal disruption with this solution

Trapeze Emergency Response Solution

Reliable, robust and ready for unpredictable situations, this is a comprehensive and solidly-built solution that has been tried and tested in numerous ambulance service organisations of varying sizes. Guaranteed uptime and uninterrupted communications between your command centre and paramedics is assured through built-in backups and redundancies.

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