Lack of Business Intelligence

Business reporting graph ERP softwareBus companies collect an immense amount of data from odometer readings to complaint logs to charter bookings, but turning this data into useable business intelligence can be an onerous task if no system is in place.

You want better reporting and analysis of your company’s data to help you accurately forecast ROI for financial decisions, but the time-consuming challenge of gathering all the information and then processing it can be prohibitive.

Using an integrated whole-of-business system would give you a single source of truth so you can dispense with multiple databases. You can use this information to create tailored business reports and dashboards for use in trend analysis and visualisation of actionable information.

Utilise business intelligence for better decision-making with this solution

Bus ERP | Enterprise Resource Planning System

ERP | Enterprise Resource Planning System | Transport ERP software designed to manage the logistics of running a national or international transport organisation. Automate tasks, eliminate duplication & digitise records with reliable data using Trapeze Groups’ Enterprise Resource Planning System - ERP

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