Increasing Profit Margins

make more money increase your profit margins taxi softwareAt your company’s size, there is little room for unscaleable practices or inefficient processes. You want to keep costs as low as possible to protect your bottom line, which means optimising your operations and working smarter, not just harder.

Smarter operations
Automating your processes will reduce the risk of human error, save time and allow you to run a larger operation without having to hire even more staff. A highly configurable fleet and driver operations management system will let you set business rules and workflows for shift enforcement and driver management within the software. This means less hands-on supervision is needed.

Smarter accounting
Internal accounting can also be performed faster with a fleet management software that captures all trip data, details relevant costs such as tolls and then prepares an electronic account summary for customer billing. It should also help you manage drivers by incorporating selectable rules that drivers must start at rostered times and can only work a predefined number of shifts before they have to submit their cash takings.

Smarter fleet
You can also increase fleet utilisation and minimise dead kilometres between jobs using an advanced dispatch solution that is integrated with vehicle location technology. This will allow you to service more customers with the same number of drivers and vehicles while also reducing fuel and maintenance costs.

Reduce your company’s costs to improve profitability with this solution

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