Improving Response Times

improving response times for emergency servicesThe goal of every ambulance service is to arrive on-site as quickly as possible in response to every incident. In order to enable the most efficient response, you need a system that can utilise all available information and provide status and transit requirements to all parties involved in the service. This includes monitoring of traffic congestion and travel times, communication to control centres and integration to traffic light prioritisation systems.

While ambulances rushing to emergencies have right-of-way regardless of traffic light signals, the use of traffic light prioritisation has been proven to reduce response times by up to 26%. In situations where every second counts, this is a powerful solution that can save lives.

It is also essential that paramedics being dispatched to the scene get all the relevant details prior to their arrival so they are prepared for the type of medical emergency they will be handling. You need a dependable software that guarantees the delivery of incident details and requirements to first responders from the command centre. You also want to be able to monitor dispatch and incident progress in real-time.

Arrive on the scene quickly and efficiently with this solution

Trapeze Emergency Response Solution

Reliable, robust and ready for unpredictable situations, this is a comprehensive and solidly-built solution that has been tried and tested in numerous ambulance service organisations of varying sizes. Guaranteed uptime and uninterrupted communications between your command centre and paramedics is assured through built-in backups and redundancies.

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