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Business men shaking handsThe tendering market has grown tougher and more competitive in recent years, with government customers wanting to see better use of their assets, optimisation and efficiency. You need to be able to move quickly and respond to requests for proposals with cost-effective solutions that meet all the client’s requirements so you can emerge as a winner from the tender process.

At the same time, you also need to keep your existing customers through ongoing contract management, improving customer satisfaction and other retention activities. This means having accessible, accurate information to monitor performance and ensure that your company is meeting all contract conditions and KPIs.

You need an optimisation tool that allows you to quickly and accurately find the most efficient way to service the requirements set out in tenders. You also need a centralised, whole-of-organisation software that serves as your single source of the truth to ensure your data is easy to retrieve and of good quality.

Grow your customer base through acquisition and retention with these solutions

Bus Planning & Scheduling Solution

Optimise your network planning, fleet and crew to ensure your resources are being used in the most efficient way and reduce your operating costs. Create what-if scenarios, accurately forecast the financial impact of business decisions and find the best combinations of workforce, vehicle and schedule to meet service requirements for tender applications.

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Bus ERP | Enterprise Resource Planning System

ERP | Enterprise Resource Planning System | Transport ERP software designed to manage the logistics of running a national or international transport organisation. Automate tasks, eliminate duplication & digitise records with reliable data using Trapeze Groups’ Enterprise Resource Planning System - ERP

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