Budget Constraints

budget constraintsThe expectations placed on ambulance service organisations are ever increasing, with rising demand for emergency health care in developed countries and greater political pressure to deliver high quality services to the community. At the same time, as a government-funded organisation you are expected to deliver services with ever tighter budgets.

Technology offers ways to save costs without affecting productivity or employee morale. Sophisticated automatic vehicle location (AVL) technology taps into your vehicle’s computer or Electronic Control Unit (ECU), enabling fully integrated vehicle telematics. This gives you comprehensive data on every ambulance in your fleet, including idle time, fuel consumption, driving patterns and equipment condition.

This data can be fed into a fleet maintenance software, which will give you insight into fleet utilisation and streamline maintenance activities. You can use this intelligence to rotate vehicles between high and low demand areas, conduct predictive maintenance and reduce costs on maintenance and parts.

Cut costs without impacting service quality or staff with this solution

Trapeze Emergency Response Solution

Reliable, robust and ready for unpredictable situations, this is a comprehensive and solidly-built solution that has been tried and tested in numerous ambulance service organisations of varying sizes. Guaranteed uptime and uninterrupted communications between your command centre and paramedics is assured through built-in backups and redundancies.

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