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Optimise bus operations with scalable software solutions to improve service delivery and increase ridership.

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Network-Wide Solutions for Bus Operations

Transport authorities and bus operators are constantly striving to deliver better passenger services, at lower costs while meeting safety and performance benchmarks.

An integrated technology solution can deliver multiple benefits - helping bus authorities and operators deliver seamless passenger experiences and encouraging greater use of public transport bus services, reducing congestion.

Trapeze’s advanced technology offers local support and is backed by proven global industry experience, giving your business the edge to adapt, respond and succeed.

Our end-to-end experience in the transport industry allows us to pin-point the simplest but most effective solutions to providing the right outputs and outcomes. 

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Find out how Trapeze Intelligent Transport Solutions empower transport teams to manage all aspects of operations.

Flexible, Open Platform with Local Support end-to-end

Our technology suite provides tailor-made bus management and bus scheduling software. Intelligent transportation solutions (ITS), effective route planning, enterprise asset management and resource planning deliver greater efficiencies and improve commuter convenience.

We have the experience to manage the process from the Initiate phase through delivery, deployment, and support.  Our experience building custom interfaces for vehicle equipment like passenger information systems and desired backend systems helps customers with the connections and data required for business success.  

Trapeze Bus Solutions

Explore the suite of Trapeze solutions tailor-made for bus operations.

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) for Bus

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Austrics Planning & Scheduling Solutions for Bus

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TIMS Enterprise Resource Planning for Bus

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What Role Do You Play?

Find out how Trapeze’s end-to-end, tailor-made bus software provides capabilities for organisations small and large.

Planning & Scheduling

Create more efficient schedules and gain maximum returns from route plans to improve customer experience. Constantly monitor performance and leverage accurate data to report and forecast more effectively. From timetable planning to crew planning, streamlining schedules and staff rostering, optimisation is key to delivering better outcomes.


Maintain business performance to deliver safe, consistent and reliable services. Improve day-to-day running by planning networks more effectively, supervising depots, coordinating dispatch, and reacting more quickly to incidents and disruptions. Manage resource availability and improve workshop and vehicle maintenance schedules using insights gained from accurate, verifiable data. 

Technology & Systems

Benefit from local support and service available when you need it, in your time zone, with global market knowledge. Leverage the versatility of an open, flexible end-to-end platform that’s compatible with third-party systems and existing technology. Equip your team with a complete, centralised solution that is intuitive to use, designed specifically with bus industry needs in mind.

Strategy & Leadership

With accurate, verifiable operational data, your business can make smarter plans for the future, capitalising on opportunities and safeguarding against budget oversights. Streamline financial reporting tasks, enterprise bargaining negotiations, forecasting, tender applications, resource planning, and annual audits.

Finance & Administration

Gain clarity and visibility to make data-driven business decisions that help you achieve your KPIs and give your business a competitive edge. Optimise business strategy and leverage economies of scale to drive sustainable growth. Meet regulatory compliance, and implement innovations that help provide more frequent, reliable services to exceed customer expectations.

Passenger Experience

Deliver efficient, consistent and reliable passenger services. Align schedules to meet commuter demands and provide better outcomes without compromising service, cost or safety. Apply headway management to drive better on-time performance and service frequency. Provide clear, accurate information to customers to grow ridership and increase the appeal of public transport.

Customer Testimonials

Intelligent Transport Systems
"Within London, we couldn’t operate the bus network in the way that we do without having good, effective ITS systems underneath our operation … We’ve expanded the use of the [Trapeze] system to become what’s seen as one of the most accurate real-time information systems anywhere in the world."

Simon Reed, Head of Technical Services Group
Transport for London (TfL), United Kingdom

Intelligent Transport Systems
“Customers benefit from unified information installations such as real-time announcement systems, protected transfers, displays at stops and improved incident management.”

Peter Flury, Head of the VBZ-Control Centre
Verkehrsbetriebe Zürich, Switzerland

Intelligent Transport Systems
Trapeze AVLC provides a common bus management and monitoring platform across all operators, with facilities for the Singapore LTA to monitor and measure performance across 6,000 buses.

Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA)

Enterprise Resource Planning  Planning & Scheduling
“We have been using the Trapeze Planning & Scheduling software and Enterprise Resource Planning system in Western Australia and South Australia for over 20 years.”

Jonathan Cook, Managing Director
Keolis Downer, Australia

Enterprise Resource Planning  Planning & Scheduling
“I don’t think there’s anything much better out there. It’s a brilliant system and I’d certainly recommend it to anyone in the bus or tram industry.”

Steve O’Callaghan, General Manager Network Planning
Ventura Bus Lines, Australia

Planning & Scheduling
“By using Trapeze software we have brought down the manpower cost by almost 4%.”

OP Gupta, General Manager
Brihan-Mumbai Electric Supply & Transport Undertaking, India

Trapeze Bus Industry Resources

Whitepaper - What are Intelligent Transport Systems?

Find out how Intelligent Transport Systems solve some of the key challenges faced by transport authorities and operators.

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Find out what data can be used for to make public transport services better for all stakeholders, including drivers and passengers

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Find out how technology can enhance the public transport experience for both drivers and passengers.

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Headway Versus Timetable – How Real-Time Data Provides Great Customer Service!

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How You Can Power Steer Your BUSiness

Find out how other bus operators are uncovering efficiencies and getting ready for tomorrow with technology.

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Video Webinar
Webinar: The 21st Century Bus Operators Essential Survival Guide

Watch this on-demand webinar to see how bus operators are responding to pressure to improve profitability and win new business.

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Case Study
Singapore Land Transport Authority's (LTA) Efficient Fleet Management

Singapore LTA monitors and measures the performance of all its bus operators with the Trapeze Intelligent Transport System solution.

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The Real State of Play in Self-Driving Buses

What are the challenges for autonomous buses in the revolution of public transport?

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