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Coffee Conversations – with Eve Ash

By Megann Schubel

Say hello to Eve Ash, a woman who lives and breathes human-centred design. She’s currently researching how to streamline paramedic daily working processes that support managers to track responder safety, wellbeing, and hospital handovers using real-time data collection and analysis.

Emergency Services User Experience - Eve Ash


Firstly, tell us how you developed a passion for User Experience (UX) in digital product development?

Thank you, Meg! I started my career as a visual designer, creating marketing collateral for large organisations. I enjoyed my time as a visual designer, but when I moved into a UX role, I realised this was my true calling.  With UX, I really enjoy the process of getting to know the end-users and uncovering their needs. The best thing about it is devising a solution that ends up meeting those needs!

Every single time, user feedback teaches me something new – I always get a little buzz when I discover a new insight! I am big on not assuming that I know what the users want or need until I ask them! That’s why as a UX designer, I always conduct user research and usability tests to achieve the best outcomes.

The biggest lesson I’ve learnt is that UX process design is crucial for product development success, as it helps make the experience of using a product as easy, smooth, and enjoyable as possible.


Tell us a little about your latest research initiative? 

Here at Trapeze, we are currently undertaking research to understand the daily working processes for ambulance responders and their operational pain points.  From this, we will look at designing a digital solution to help make their working lives better.

My early observations have discovered further areas of investigation. These include crew mobilisation, incident notification and response, paramedic health and wellbeing management, and clinical handover processes.

Right now, I’m focusing is on gathering qualitative data through user interviews.  Trapeze are taking a comprehensive approach with this, by covering ambulance responders across different states and regions. Our main users are paramedics, emergency service managers, and dispatchers. So far, we have interviewed a few senior executives, duty managers, and paramedics, and have already obtained some valuable insights.


You said, ‘so far’. Are you still accepting research participants?

Yes, absolutely! If you are in the ambulance industry and would like to contribute, please contact me at The more input and information we have, the better! Your answers will help the ambulance industry as a whole, and paramedics on an individual level.


You’re relatively new at Trapeze. How have you found starting a new role working remotely? 

I think anyone who commences a new role remotely has found it challenging! It’s just not the same when it comes to building relationships with your colleagues - virtual support across a two-dimensional screen is different to in-person support.  Saying that though, the Trapeze Emergency Services team have been more than accommodating and helpful in making me feel included, so I am grateful to be on board!

A large part of my role is talking to customers.  Needless to say, it has been challenging to see them face to face regularly, but with the technology available, I have still been able to form strong relationships with people.  I have been fortunate enough to make it onsite with one of our customers and felt grateful for the opportunity. I can’t wait to go out and meet and talk with them more!


What do you like most about the emergency services industry?

By far, I like that the work that I do makes a difference to people’s lives. The emergency services industry is an essential service where men and women are on the frontline, saving thousands of lives while risking theirs.

I feel very privileged that I can contribute my skills to the industry, especially during this time.


To finish, you are the first coffee conversation in our series. What is your coffee of choice? 

Well, to be honest, Meg, I don’t drink coffee (eek!).  But I’m more than happy to have a hot chocolate with anyone, anytime though! 😊 Thanks for the opportunity to talk!

Meet the Author:
Megann Schubel
Marketing Manager, Emergency Services

Meg is passionate about Trapeze’s technology solutions that connect communities and make a difference in people’s lives. Talk about rewarding! She is responsible for educating the industry on how solutions developed for emergency services can support meeting response targets, improve responder safety and influence better community outcomes. She’s always looking for valuable insights, so please reach out and share your knowledge! Connect with Meg on LinkedIn

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