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Is Your Tech Up to Date?

By Kent Bolton January 16, 2020 Reading time:

Technology detail is often hidden from system users and business managers – until it isn’t. The constant technological improvements being made to security, performance and reliability don’t often make it to the press – not only is the subject matter pretty dry, but generally these changes have very little impact on most users and system administrators.

These constant security and stability updates are necessary to maintain a modern enterprise system.  In addition, more modern versions of the databases, reporting engines and core libraries used by TIMS and Austrics are leveraged to provide new and enhanced business features. Security updates are essential to ensure that systems are resilient and critical business information remains protected.

CENTOS Linux 6 reaches end of life late 2020 and is one of the changes that will impact on both users and system administrators.

Both TIMS and Austrics run on the same operating system platform, a platform that surprisingly powers both the world’s fastest supercomputer and the humble and pervasive Android phone. Each release of the CENTOS Linux operating system (the specific version of the Linux operating system used by Trapeze) is commercially maintained and supported for at least a decade. The latest version, CENTOS 8 which was released late 2019, will be supported through to 2029. PostgreSQL (the database that powers TIMS) just hit version 12 with support planned through to the end of 2024. 

The flip side to the release of these newer technologies are that older releases of these operating systems and databases are now hitting their end of life dates – meaning that ongoing support such as security and maintenance updates are no longer made available. Cloud computing platforms such as Azure and AWS may no longer run the older operating systems, or at a minimum limit your options such as Disaster Recovery. 

Upgrading these core technologies can be disruptive if not managed appropriately. Planning is required, and decisions made such as choosing when and how to upgrade and whether to take the opportunity to upgrade to new hardware or migrate to managed hosting infrastructure. As with any disruptive process, strategic thinkers will seek opportunities and likely end up in an improved situation. The opportunities in this case include migration to a cloud environment, implementing Disaster Recovery, improving performance and reliability, replacing aging hardware or even archiving old data.

Many clients are reviewing cloud hosted systems rather than relying on hardware that may be put at risk. Cloud based infrastructure allows staff to access the systems remotely, and critical data is backed up in multiple locations more frequently. Servers can also be cost-effectively expanded or scaled down to meet shifting demands such as when new depots or regions are rolled into the business.

If you are running CENTOS 6, you will need to start to plan your migration to a new CENTOS platform in 2020 in order to remain on a supported version. Moving to CENTOS version 8 is likely your best option. If you are running TIMS, updating your database is also highly recommended.

TIMS 3.6 is certified to operate on the latest versions of CENTOS 8 and PostgreSQL 12, providing the maximum flexibility when reviewing options. 

Our Professional Services Team are highly experienced and ready to support you in the move to new environments. We can help plan the move, including reviewing options to ensure the move has minimal down time, and your business ends up in the best possible position for the future. If moving to the cloud interests you, Trapeze can work with your IT team to provide advice, and can even provide a range of managed services from assisted support through to Trapeze taking full responsibility for your new environment.

Contact us and ask for a more detailed brochure on the technology changes. We can also arrange a no-cost, no-obligation audit of your systems to ensure you have the right information available to progress a decision.

Author: Kent Bolton

Technologist of over 20+ years with experience across presales, account management, solution architecture, iteration management, program and project management and software development management. Experienced manager/leader with a love of creating self directed, high performance teams.

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