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Coffee Conversations – with Eve Ash

Say hello to Eve Ash. She’s currently researching how to streamline paramedic daily working processes that support managers to track responder safety, wellbeing, and hospital handovers using real-time data collection and analysis.

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How to Create a Successful Public Transport Service with a Franchise Model

Find out what a well-run public transport service based on a franchise model looks like.

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Data Driving Decisions Throughout the Patient Journey

Find out what data and analytics can be used to empower all stakeholders to make more informed decisions, and its capabilities to create efficiencies at every stage of the patient journey.

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4 Factors That Drive a Competitive, Profitable Taxi Network

Read about the 4 key factors that competitive, profitable businesses have in common

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How New Zealand Bus Operators Can Comply with the Holidays Act

Find out how Trapeze's Bus Enterprise Resource Planning Payroll solution handles the complex requirements of the New Zealand Holidays Act to meet compliance.

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Collaboration Re-Defining Todays Connected Paramedic

An industry-led piece on mitigating risk for paramedics and volunteers.

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