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BIC 2023 highlights from Trapeze

Adelaide Oval was the ideal backdrop for a gathering of our sector’s big hitters at the BIC National Conference. Read highlights from speakers including Trapeze’s David Eason who presented his ideas on innovative future funding possibilities.

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CTO 2023 highlights from Trapeze

Trapeze was delighted to join our Routematch customers and industry colleagues in Lake Macquarie for the Community Transport Organisation’s annual conference. Couldn’t make it to CTO 2023? Read our wrap-up blog for a selection of conference highlights.

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Electrifying the Future of Taxis: Leading the way in sustainable transportation

Transformative journey towards a more sustainable and cleaner transportation. Electric vehicles have gained significant traction as a preferred choice for taxi solutions in Middle East.

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EAM’s MobileFocus feature - Do your field staff have the right tools to capture asset and maintenance data in the field?

MobileFocus feature is a true extension of our EAM system to ensure technicians have access to all their required functions whether logged on at the workshop or in a tunnel without mobile or network signal.

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Interoperability: the future of BEB fleet ops at scale

Trapeze’s TIMS ERP solution is the information hub which executes the overall plan for bus businesses. The ability to integrate with TIMS should be a key consideration for operators weighing up their BEB Charging Management System options.

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You’ve got your asset register, but do you know the condition of your critical assets and components?

Without a full asset lifecycle management process the selection of candidates for mid-life rehabilitation or end-of-life replacement is likely to be inconsistent at best.

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