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Author: Michael Zink

Michael is a successful and experienced professional with over 10 years experience in IT-consulting, business development, ICT solutions and software sales in the transport industry.

Simplifying decisions when managing rail operations

By Michael Zink July 08, 2018

Rail organisations have a vast number of assets to keep track of, making them complex systems to manage.

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The Evolution of Asset Management

By Michael Zink April 05, 2018

Asset management is a constantly evolving space. Find out how PM, CbM, PdM and RCM came about and their applications in rail.

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Is your business sitting on a warranty gold mine?

By Michael Zink February 12, 2018

Unexpected repairs on infrastructure or parts are a necessary cost for most asset-intensive businesses. These costs can be greatly reduced with warranty claims, but rail agencies often under-claim due to not realizing that they have valid cover or thinking claims are too time-consuming. An effective asset management system can remedy both issues.

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Driving the shift to rail by improving the customer experience

By Michael Zink February 06, 2018

Governments and transport authorities are searching for ways to move people out of their cars and onto public transport. Delivering customer satisfaction is the key.

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Predictive Maintenance & Your Assets’ Lifecycle

By Michael Zink June 19, 2017

One of your biggest costs is fleet and asset maintenance. Fortunately, you can now identify failures before they happen and accurately predict when maintenance is needed.

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Are You Being Held to Ransom by Your Technology?

By Michael Zink June 12, 2017

Do you want to modernise your business and give your passengers a satisfying experience, but find it difficult to make change happen because your technology is holding you back?

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3 Asset Management Tips During Rapid Capital Expansion

By Michael Zink May 30, 2017

Public transport expansion is on a roll. The industry is under increasing pressure to be more innovative in infrastructure lifecycle management.

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