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Author: David Panter

David Panter has over 20 years of experience in Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) with a focus on public transport, emergency services, and taxi. With a strong engineering and commercial background, David understands the issues involved with developing, delivering, and maintaining a modern ITS platform. David is responsible for helping the Trapeze ANZ Government customers realize the value inherent in Trapeze ITS solutions.

Authorities & Operators: Working Together for the Greater Good

By David Panter December 17, 2018

Dissolving the myth of transport authorities and operators as antagonistic forces.

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A Smooth Ride with Multimodal Connections

By David Panter November 27, 2018

Commuters are choosing cars and congestions over public transport. Could better interconnectedness reverse this trend?

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Headway – The New Way to Customer Satisfaction

By David Panter October 25, 2018

Headway management made simple.

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