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Author: David Panter

David Panter has over 20 years of experience in Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). With a strong engineering and commercial background, he understands how to develop, deliver, and maintain a modern ITS platform for both transport authorities and operators. David is responsible for helping Trapeze customers realise the value inherent in ITS solutions for buses, light rail, and ferries. Connect with David on LinkedIn.

Rise of the Machines: How Advanced Computing Will Drive Bus Ridership Recovery

By David Panter April 07, 2022

Find out how Machine Learning will shape the public transport networks of tomorrow.

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Time for Dynamic Scheduling to ‘Flex’ its Muscles?

By David Panter March 11, 2022

Find out how COVID-19 has contributed to the rise of Demand-Based Bus Networks and how Dynamic Scheduling can meet this new challenge.

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Passenger Information Displays – for Every Stage of the Journey

By David Panter April 30, 2021

Find out the history of Passenger Information Displays, and why they are needed from the beginning to the end of every journey to make the passenger experience better. Part of 2 of a 3-part series on passenger information

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Headway Versus Timetable – How Real-Time Data Provides Great Customer Service!

By David Panter March 29, 2021

Find out why passengers would prefer turning up to a stop without ever needing to look at a timetable.

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Buses versus Trams – why Automatic Vehicle Location Control systems need to know the difference

By David Panter December 15, 2020

Find out how Automatic Vehicle Location Control systems impact your ability to monitor and control your fleet.

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‘Software for Life’ - how to maximise the return on your Intelligent Transport Systems investment

By David Panter December 15, 2020

Find out how to future-proof your transport technology.

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Connection Protection: How AVLC Systems Get You Home Faster

By David Panter September 08, 2020

Connection protection is also known as transfer protection. How to ensure better passenger experiences.

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Headway – The New Way to Customer Satisfaction

By David Panter April 01, 2020

Headway management made simple.

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Authorities & Operators: Working Together for the Greater Good

By David Panter December 17, 2018

Dissolving the myth of transport authorities and operators as antagonistic forces.

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A Smooth Ride with Multimodal Connections

By David Panter November 27, 2018

Commuters are choosing cars and congestions over public transport. Could better interconnectedness reverse this trend?

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