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Author: Brian Higbee

Brian is a Project Manager and System Engineer with more than with 22 years of experience in implementing AVLC and AVM solutions for major clients globally, including Transport for London. Brian’s expertise also extends to embedded mobile solutions, data and voice communications, real time data processing, central control systems and database solutions. Motivated by bringing together complex multi-disciplinary engineering solutions, Brian thrives on delivering solutions to time and within budget. Connect with Brian on Linkedin.

How Data Enhances the Passenger and Driver Experience

By Brian Higbee March 29, 2021

Find out how technology can enhance the public transport experience for both drivers and passengers.

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Why Data Analytics and Reporting is so Important for Public Transport Authorities

By Brian Higbee March 29, 2021

Find out what data can be used for to make public transport services better for all stakeholders, including drivers and passengers

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The Future of Intelligent Transport Systems

By Brian Higbee January 11, 2021

What does the future hold for ITS?

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Accurate on-board information for a better transport experience

By Brian Higbee June 12, 2020

Providing clear, accurate information to drivers and passengers improves service delivery and operational efficiency.

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