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Solutions designed to support providing the right care, at the right time, at the right place.

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Supporting Critical Health Services

With a team who are truly dedicated and passionate about what they do, Trapeze understands the impact ambulance services have on people’s lives.

In an industry where providing essential health services and excellent care is paramount, it is crucial patients receive the right care, at the right time, at the right place.

To meet these objectives, our business is solely focused on delivering solutions that connect patient journeys to influence better outcomes.


Our recent webinar showcases how Trapeze is delivering the future of collaborative, integrated patient care records today.

Enabling a Connected Patient Journey

In a high-pressure environment where every second counts, our technology enables seamless communication between your control centre, paramedics and volunteers, ambulances, and hospitals – helping meet response targets, increase paramedic safety and wellbeing, improve ramping, and deliver on community expectations.

Our innovative technology helps meet these challenges - and includes real-time vehicle status, location updates, shift management, asset management and clinical handover.

The Trapeze Ambulance Management Solution (TAMS)

Support your team with a proven solution that delivers accurate, real-time data and business intelligence.
Empower your stakeholders to make data-driven decisions, influencing outcomes at every stage.

Our technology is tailor-made to connect all ambulance stakeholders.

The Connected Control Centre
and Operations

The Connected Paramedic

The Connected Vehicle

The Connected Clinical Destination

What Challenges Do You Face?

Find out how Trapeze’s end-to-end, tailor-made ambulance software provides capabilities for organisations small and large.

Leadership & Strategy

Have visibility across all ambulance functions to analyse and improve services. Make better decisions using data-driven insights. Use business intelligence to support meeting your KPI's whilst mitigating risk and improving the duty of care for your team.

Ambulance Operations & Fleet

Send the right person and vehicle to the right place at the right time. Know each vehicle's location and status at any point in time. Save time and money while mitigating risk and increasing safety. Keep your ambulance fleet and assets in a state of operational readiness. Provide a lean, efficient service while reducing fuel and maintenance costs using accurate insights.

People and Culture

Provide information to paramedics easily to enable efficient incident response. Increase safety, security, and visibility to enable them to arrive at their destination as quickly as possible. Empower first responders to manage demanding situations with secure, real-time, emergency communications at any location. Apply automated solutions to better manage pre and post incident activities.

Technology & Systems

Equip your ambulance authority with a complete, secure, centralized, and intuitive solution. Specifically designed to manage large, multi-network, geographically dispersed ambulance fleets and personnel. Integrate your existing third-party systems and technology with the versatility of an open, flexible end-to-end platform, and benefit from local Trapeze support.

Customer Testimonials

"Trapeze technology and experience is pivotal to helping us realise our connected journey strategy"

Kim Fazackerley, Manager of Technical Services
Ambulance Tasmania

Emergency Response
"Trapeze has lots of experience in this sector and the knowledge they’ve gained is priceless. IT for emergency services is about harnessing the way we work, and I think Trapeze has done that."

Tim Blake, Operational Support Manager
New South Wales Ambulance, Australia

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