About Trapeze Group Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa

At Trapeze, we strive to enhance lives by building technology for a better tomorrow and providing unique solutions for life.

We help public transport operators and authorities, public safety organisations and large-scale taxi enterprises address everyday pain points, save money, and improve customer experience using proven technologies. The efficiencies created through our solutions allow you to maximise your competitive advantage and enhance community outcomes.

As the Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa division of Trapeze Group, we have a wealth of knowledge, experience, and resources to draw upon both locally and from our colleagues in North America, Europe, and the United Kingdom.

Trapeze is part of Modaxo, which brings together 12 brands that solely focus on People Transportation technology. Modaxo was launched in 2020 to bring these businesses together under a global banner, with a singular focus and passion – providing the software and technologies that move the world’s people.

Trapeze and Modaxo are also part of the Constellation Software group, the largest IT company in Canada. Constellation acquires, holds, and grows software companies focused on vertical software markets, offering them a safe and permanent home, and positioning companies like ours for long-term, sustainable growth.

While the Trapeze experience is broad and international, we are local in our approach and adapt to your environment country by country. We have been in the transport industry for more than 30 years and have a long history of collaborating with our customers to adapt to changing needs and new demands.

We are here for the journey.


Our Values

Deliver Value

“We do what we say”

We deliver promised value through genuine collaboration with you.

Invest to Fulfil Our Potential

“We value our people”

We invest in our people to realise our potential and fuel our passion in a healthy work environment.

Responsible Innovation

“We make a difference to lives”

We develop high quality, innovative solutions to address your challenges and opportunities.


Our Team

Learn more about the leaders of Trapeze Group in the Asia Pacific region. Trapeze Group Asia Pacific has offices in the Middle East, Australia, India and Southeast Asia, allowing our customers to enjoy the benefits of global experience and advancements as well as local support and understanding of the environment you work in.

We would love the chance to work with you. Contact us if you would like us to assist you on your journey.

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